About us

Our company specializes in social listening and monitoring of public pages, we provide a high-end tool and consulting to help organizations to analyze at scale all user comments and page posts from the country.

Defying all odds on the night of June 11, 1962, Frank L. Morris accompanied by the Anglin brothers achieved something that until then was considered impossible: Escape from Alcatraz. The plan, which took several months to design, was extremely complex and involved the manufacture of ingenious realistic dolls, water rafts, and life jackets. The execution of the escape included many stages and was marked by military precision and discipline.

Inspired by solving "impossible" problems through strategy and creativity Morris & Co was born; A startup focused on developing technologies that allow capturing and interpreting Big Data, subsequently we create our own methodologies and research tools which is now available on the cloud: INSIGHTS by Morris.

We currently have governments, international organizations, non-profit organizations, and private initiative companies among our clients.